Crispy Salad served with Bateta Pawa

P1200116Indian meals always include several condiments such as chutneys, raitas and kachumbers which help to balance out all the savoury, sweet, sour and spicy tastes served in an Indian thali.

Now that the days and longer and warmer,  I have been looking at Summer salad recipes.    My son loves leafy mixed green salad with nearly every meal we make so when Florette asked me to create a recipe post using one of their products – I couldn’t wait to have a go.   I chose a bag of their pre washed classy crispy lettuce which was only £1.00 in Tescos.  The bag had a variety of Vibrant red sturdy radicchio, delicate lambs lettuce and spiky, bitter frisée.  The flavours from these leaves blended well and did not need much seasoning when eaten with a spicy dish.



I felt that the flavours of this crispy lettuce would be best when served up with my classic favourite snack of  spicy bateta pawa.  I made a batch of pateta pawa and sliced up some white cabbage, carrots and tomatoes and added them to the florette crispy leaves.  The family served themselves the salad and seasonings as per their tastes.


Some family members enjoyed having the salad on the side with their snack whereas I chose to serve my bateta pawa on a bed of the lettuce leaves topped up with baby tomatoes and caramalised red onions.  The crispy delicious lettuce was a great addition to my afternoon snack.


What’s your favourite salad?

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Disclaimer: I was asked by Florette to use a bag of their salad leaves to create a salad in exchange for some Florette goodies and vouchers as a thank you.