Pizza Hut Pizza Review – Homemade versus restaurant

Who doesn’t love Pizza?  I love pizza and love making my own for lots of reasons.  My recipe for home made pizza is here. The kind of crust I make depends on my mood. Generally, I like to flavour my crust with garlic and have a thin crust and for the toppings I have whatever is readily available at home. Half the family loves hot chilies as a topping with less cheese where the younger ones want lots of cheese with basic tomato sauce toppings.  If I am making pizza for friends then I always keep lots of toppings ready and they can pick what like on their pizza.  I don’t like to keep a lot of crust and fill my pizza with lots of healthy vegetarian toppings.  Home made Pizza is cheaper and a lot healthier to make as you can control the amount of salt, sugar, oil and cheese ; plus you can add anything as toppings.Who doesn’t love Pizza?  I love pizza and love making my own for lots of reasons.


BUT at times – it’s nice to be able to order pizzas from outside as a treat.  I usually order from Pizza hut, as we don’t have a huge number of places to choose from.  In fact Pizza Hut and Dominoes have both only set up recently near where I live.  Last three times we have ordered from Pizza Hut and have always been disappointed.   We had ordered large pizzas with veggie toppings on a classic crust.  The pizzas  arrived either cold or  with a soggy base.  This week  the pizza I had ordered had more crust than base and  when I tried a piece it had a soggy base.  Much as I hate to complain, I had to for lots of reasons.  One was that there was too much crust and the second was the soggy crust sticking to the box.  These Pizzas aren’t cheap either.

I phoned them up to complain about the pizza and the manager offered to send me a new pizza.  When I turned it down and explained that I had been disappointed with their pizzas several times, she offered to send me a veggie sizzler  on an Italian base and I must say that it was much better as it was on a thin base with lots of toppings.  I think special care was taken in making the second pizza because I had complained.  I wish they would pay attention to everyone’s orders.

Having researched through by asking my followers on facebook, where they preferred Pizza with more crust or topping, I found that 90% of people preferred a small crust with lots of toppings.  I was glad that i was not the only one who doesn’t like too much crust.

I don’t think we will be ordering from Pizza Hut again for a long time. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.  Homemade pizzas aren’t difficult to make.  If you find that you don’t have enough time to make a base:

  1.  Use a french bread as a base.  Checkout my French Bread recipe here
  2.  Use  naan bread as a base.  Checkout my recipe for naanza here.
  3.  Use Tortillas as a base.  Checkout my recipe for Tortilla Pizza here.
  4. Get the ready rolled pizza bases.  Checkout my recipe here
  5. Use a ready made short crust base to make a pizza. Checkout my recipe here.

For people on Keto diet check out how to make Almond and Coconut Flour with Psyllium Husk pizza base.  My recipe  is here. 

For a really exciting and unusual pizza try making my Crown Pizza  and impress your guests.

Pizza parties, where they make pizzas using a jiko (Kenyan cooker using charcoal), have become very popular in UK  – Check out this recipe by a blogger I follow.

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Disclaimer:  I was not paid or sent any free samples by the company. The views and comments are mine and being shared for information to other vegetarians and vegans.