Vegetarian Party Menu ideas

Have you heard of the saying – You can choose your friends but not your relations?   Well  – I’ll say no more.  A number of my friends, who started off as colleagues are now part of my extended family. We enjoy each other’s company so much that we usually get together once or twice a year.
We got together a couple of weeks at my place where they got to sample some of my cooking.   At these parties we have fun catching up on any gossip, any new additions to the family and also talking about the “good old days”.  I love meeting my friends and we never seem to tire of each others company.
We have started referring to these events as “XXXX Magic”.  A very good friend made and decorated this wonderful cake for the day.
I only took some photos of the day as I got busy and distracted at time. Most recipes are on my blog and I hope that the menu for the day will inspire some of you to try the recipes.

My menu:


Papadums — with choice of Mango Dip, Raita, Green Chutney, Salsa
Punjabi Samosas made with peas and potatoes
Spring rolls — Made from moong sprouts, potatoes, carrots and capsicum


I made sweet corn curry with kidney beans and cooked it with peanuts in coconut milk.
At the suggestion of my younger son – I made mattar paneer in spicy punjabi style gravy.
I also made moglai potatoes in spicy yoghurt gravy with onions.

For the breads

 I made masala puris and  Garlic & Herb Naans

For the rice dish

I  chose to make  saffron rice garnished with Butter, cardamoms and saffron.


We had Fulkhaja/Baklava (Ready made).  These are very sweet puff pastries with honey nut fillings.
I made the carrot halwa.
Several friends brought various desserts too.  Too much temptation here with music, masti and maja.
We finished the meal with Tea/Coffee & Cookies. I really had fun planning the menu and then cooking the food.  Most of all I loved entertaining my friends and can’t wait for the next get together.
The food tasted delicious and I think my friends loved the food too as they were happy to take some of the leftovers home. I wanted to capture that moment and also share the menu ideas hoping that some of you may like to copy my menu suggestions when entertaining friends & family.
If you looking for meal planning ideas, may I make a few suggestions? 

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