Planning your meals

IMG_2288Today’s challenge by Darren Rowse on the ProBlogger Challenge Group was to create a piece of content that is a discussion starter.  I thought that I would keep the discussion food.

So how many of you have these questions in your mind when you get home:

  1.  What shall I make for dinner?
  2.  What’s for dinner?
  3.  Who is cooking today?
  4.  What’s in the fridge?

When I come home from a full day’s work, I hate the thought of thinking about what to cook and sometimes you ask the family what they would like to eat and when they suggest some dish, you say that that will take too long or you don’t have the ingredients etc.  How often have you opened the fridge and stared at it looking for inspiration?

What’s the best solution to make meal times organised and stress free?  My suggestion is to make a meal plan for a fortnight.  How many of you make and follow a weekly or fortnightly menu and shop accordingly?

If you remember my recent post , I mentioned that we tend to  cook dishes that my children like on one day and the dishes we like on the next day.    Most of our meals are made from scratch,  so I find that if I have shopped according to my meal plan, things run smoothly.   We plan the menu  in conjunction with our diaries.  e.g. for days that I am working late or the kids have to go to some activity, I would either prepare something the day before and keep it in the fridge or use some cheat ingredients such  ready made veggie burgers, pizza or falafels  to rustle up a quick meal.   For breakfast the family tends to have cereals and toast during the week.  For lunch, it’s usually one of these: fruit and a sandwich, jacket potato with cheese and beans, pasta, noodles or tortilla wrap.

Just to make  it a bit interesting here’s our menu for next week:



Having an idea of what I am cooking, saves me so much time as I am not popping into the supermarket every evening looking for something to cook.  I feel calmer coming home as I know that we know what we are eating and whoever gets home will start the preparations.

So let me have your views on whether planning  weekly meals is a good idea or not?