Ten Diwali Savouries


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The Hindu celebration of Diwali and Hindu New year are approaching and a lot of the Hindu ladies will be busy making traditional sweets and savouries or shopping for these at their favourite mithai farsan shops.

Here are recipes for the top 10 of the savouries I always like to prepare

  1.  First one is my favourite – Kenya chevdo made with lentils, flaked rice, potato chips and nuts.img_08742. Chakri made with a mixture of rice, chick peas and wheat flours.chakri-3

3. Tikha Gathia made with chick peas and rice flours


4. Sev – again


5. Sev mamra made with chick pea and rice flour with puffed rice.


6. Farsi puri made with plain flour.


7.  Chora Fari made with a mixture of flours.p1200565

8. Roasted nuts – roasted in the microwaveimg_2376

9.  Lamba gathiya made with chick pea flour.  A Sunday favourite with jalebis.1-img_3046

10.  Farari chevdo – A mixture of nuts and potato chips specially made to have during the hindu fasts.

11 and 12 : Recipes to follow.  Can you guess what they are? img_0546

I hope that these recipes will inspire you to make some snacks for Diwali.  I will share my Indian sweet recipes with you tomorrow.

Cereal ladoo

To all those of you who are celebrating Diwali – I wish you a very happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.

So what savouries and snacks are you making for Diwali

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