Spicy Cheese Toasties layered with carrot and coriander chutney


It’s been a long time since I ate bread in any form as we have all gone off it.   Last week, I bought some  multi seeded bread and made some cheese toasties using lemon cucumbers, peppers and cherry tomatoes.  To make them taste a bit like the Mumbai sandwiches I layered them with two different spicy chutneys which gave them a real hot taste reminding me of the sandwiches I have eaten at the famous Taj Hotel in Mumbai.   In Mumbai, the green chutney they had used was so hot that even the cold coke I drank afterwards could not calm my gums! For those of who don’t like hot and spicy food you can leave out the chutneys or just use salsa or any ready made sweet chutney.



1.   Layer the 2 slices of bread with the green coriander chutney and the carrot chutney

2.  Top this with grated cheddar cheese.


3.   Grill the cheese ( in USA it’s referred to as broil) until it melts.P1180482

4.  Top the sandwich with the cucumber, peppers and cherry tomatoes.  Sprinkle these with olive oil, plus salt and pepper and the chilli flakes.  Grill these again until the vegetables are slightly warmed and start to brown. P1180483

5.   Join the two slices of bread with the filling in the middle and grill the bread on both sides. P1180484

6.  Hey presto!!  you have a delicious grilled toastie.  ( You can leave the crust or remove it depending on your taste)   Serve it hot with salsa and crisps.


So what is your favourite toastie?