Overnight Oats with fruit

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How often have you skipped breakfast because you didn’t have time? How often have you picked up an unhealthy breakfast on your way to work because you didn’t have time for breakfast?  With overnight oats you can be super organised.  You can even make them in a container and carry it with you to have on your desk.

I was introduced to these overnight oats by a friend who brought some in to work and it looked almost like a trifle.   The oats tasted great and I couldn’t wait to make my own version of overnight oats.  You can make these overnight oats in a big batch one day of the week and then have something healthy to have in the morning. I like to assemble mine the night before and change the fruit of yogurt according to my mood.

Another overnight breakfast  you may wish to try is the overnight muesli breakfast.

If you like a hot breakfast, you may wish to try this porridge recipe.

I’m trying out a new way to present recipes. I know many of you view this site on your phones or print off recipes, which really inspires me to write more. This new method should look better on phones and offer a simple print view (try it out!). I’d really love your feedback on this – please let me know if it works for you.

Overnight oats

The overnight oats are easy to make and you can make them using various blends of yogurts and fruits.  If you are watching your calories then do use the fat free yogurt. 
Author: Mina Joshi


  • 40 grams porridge oats
  • 200 grams fat free yogurt you can use any flavours - vegans can use soya or any dairy free yogurt
  • half cup frozen mixed fruit
  • 1 tsp splenda optional
  • 1 tsp ground nuts you can use any nuts
  • half cup soya milk optional


  • Allow the frozen fruit to be left out for 20-30 minutes.  Once thawed, chop it into smaller pieces.
  • Layer the porridge at the bottom of your glass or bowl.
  • Top this with yogurt and then fruit.
  • Continue layering with porridge, yogurt and fruit.
  • Add the milk at the top and allow it to sink to the bottom.
  • Finally sprinkle the ground mixed nuts on the top. 


You can make your breakfast interesting by adding cinnamon, cardamom, chocolate etc.

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