Pooris or Puris? Soft or crispy?

Puri/poori is often Sunday breakfast for me as it’s so quick to make.  It’s a dish my mum managed to make quickly when we had unexpected guests.  Most of you know that for us Indians Guest is god and we don’t like to send them home hungry!! puri/poori comes to the rescue.picnics, moving house etc….puri/poori is always a life saver when we are hungry.  Yet, most main stream restaurants don’t serve them.

We had a puri/poori  making class last Wednesday. This is the recipe we followed in class. Everyone asks how to get the perfect puri/poori.  I know I still get upset if my puris/pooris don’t puff up. Over the years, I have realised that the dough has made perfectly and the oil has to be the right temperature to get the perfect puris/pooris.

Check out photos of one of the learners.  Her puris/pooris may not be round but they all puffed up!!  And I know that with practice she will get there.

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One of the questions I was asked in class was whether they could add any other ingredients to the puri/poori. The answer was yes. Here is the list of various Poori/puri recipes in my blog.  Some are easy to make and some need a bit more practice.  Some are soft and some are crispy.

    1. https://givemesomespice.com/2010/03/puris-or-pooris-deep-fried-indian-bread/

2.  https://givemesomespice.com/2016/12/poorispuris-with-spinach/

3.  https://givemesomespice.com/2015/07/spicy-stuffed-puri-besan-wali-puri/

4. https://givemesomespice.com/2014/04/white-purispooris-with-sesame-seeds/

5. https://givemesomespice.com/2012/10/jeera-puris-deep-fried-spicy-indian-bread/

6.  https://givemesomespice.com/2010/01/farsi-puri-or-indian-bread-tasting-like-salted-biscuits/

7. https://givemesomespice.com/2012/11/satpadi-poori-seven-layered-pooris/

8. https://givemesomespice.com/2011/03/sev-puri-poori-a-savoury-indian-snack/

So which puris do you think are my favourite? Watch out for my recipe for stuffed puris.

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