How to Host a Vegetarian Games Night at Home

Everyone loves a game night and with the pandemic for the last two years we have not been able to plan anything.  This Bank Holiday weekend, my son has invited some friends for a gaming night  so they will have an evening full of entertainment, laughs, and  of course tasty snacks .  The first foods that pop into the minds of most people when it comes to food to eat whilst playing games are often time consuming to make. But believe me there are so many easy to make delicious and satisfying vegetarian dishes that you can whip up for your guests  ahead of time . Here are some dishes we plan to make for our games night which you may fine helpful when you plan a get together. Whether you want to introduce your friends to the world of tasty veggie options or have a vegetarian guest attending your games night and need some inspiration on what to feed them, look no further.

Culinary Considerations

Don’t forget that you are hosting a games night; this is not a sit-down five-course meal that needs excessive cutlery. It is likely that you may be sitting around a table or on the couch, but you and your guests will probably be a little preoccupied with winning the game and will not want to be interrupting the flow to change location for the next course of food. You need finger foods and snacks that aren’t going to cause too much mess or leave your fingers stick and greasy; just imagine those mucky finger marks on your favourite pack of cards and phone screens after playing on the best high roller online casinos, no thank you! Plus, you want to be a part of the games, not stuck in the kitchen all night, so you need simple, quick, and easy snacks that are tasty and delicious.

Kebab Sticks

This one definitely hits the mark for avoiding sticky fingers! And is super simple to make. All you need are some skewers and a range of vegetables of your choice. Marinate the vegetables with your favourite flavours and spices, slide them onto the kebab sticks, and put them under the grill for ten minutes. Get creative and add some halloumi cheese or tofu blocks to mix it up and add a bit of variation.  If you are short of time, pick some ready assembled vegetable skewers from the Supermarket.

Pizza Slices

Everyone loves pizza, and it is one of the easiest dishes to make vegetarian. Yes, you can make your own, and doing so gives you the freedom to choose your own toppings and make them smaller than usual, which would be convenient whilst you are playing games. But you could also buy one and slice it up into thin strips. You cannot go wrong with pizza on a game night.  My recipe for Pizza is here. 

Cauliflower or broccoli Pakoras

A healthier variation of the nugget, but one that is just as delicious. Deep-fried cauliflower or broccili  is a tasty alternative to the chicken nugget and one that is a firm favourite of vegetarians.  Serve them on toothpicks and have a range of dipping sauces to accompany them and you’ll have everyone eager for more. My recipe for broccoli pakoras is here


Tacos boats

Maybe not quite as mess-free as you would like, but is this one of the most filling dish ever?  Microwave a couple of large potatoes and dice them. Open a can of chickpeas, Sautee these with all flavours and  load the taco boats with these topped with any crispy Bombay mix and salad. you have yourself a winner. My recipe for Bhel boats is here

With these vegetarian dishes, your guests will be amazed at your culinary skills and be blown away by how tasty vegetarian food can be. Now all that’s left is to look great and enjoy the games.

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