Sweet Potato and Onion Pakoras

What better way to enjoy a cold and rainy day?


Got any left over bread?  Here is another  easy recipe for really tasty pakoras.   I have several bread bhajia pakoras recipes  in my blog and this one is just another variation.  These too can be made with by adding any  vegetables.

This recipe works  with stale bread of any kind. The seeded bread is the best as it gives the bhajias a unique flavour.

Ingredients ( serves 4):

• Bread.: 6 slices of any bread or 3 to 4 rolls .
• 1 small Onion – grated
• 1 sweet potato – grated
• Small bunch of spinach or fenugreek (methi) finely chopped.
• 2 or 3 Crushed green chillies (depends on your taste)
• 1 teaspoon of salt
• 1 teaspoon of turmeric
• 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds
• 1 cup of chickpea flour (chanaflour)
• Sunflower oil to fry the bhajia


1. Soak the bread or bread in water.

2. Grate the onion and sweet potato using a mandoline slicer.


3. Transfer the bread from the water into a colander and remove as much water as possible by gently pressing the bread.

4. Mash the bread by hand in a mixing bowl.

5. Add in the grated onions, potatoes, chillies and the dry spices such as sesame seeds,  salt and turmeric.

6. Mix all the ingredients.

7. Add in the chickpea flour – just enough to make a manageable batter.


8. Heat the oil.

9. Drop spoonfuls of this mixture into the hot oil.

10. Fry on medium heat until the bhajias look golden brown. The bhajias should be crispy on the outside and soft and pluffy on the inside.

11. Serve hot with any chutneys or ketchup or a nice cup of tea.


12. These bread Bhajia/Pakora can be served as a starter or can also be eaten as a snack.

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