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Vegan Garlicky Potato Curry (Lasanya Bateta nu shak)

Anyone who has visited London or seen any movies about London  can’t get away from seeing their iconic London red buses and …

Spinach and Aubergine Mash curry

Aubergine and spinach are both such healthy vegetables and when cooked together, they really change the game where curries are concerned.  I …

Veganuary Journey – Tofu and Peas Vegan Curry (Mutter Tofu)

Christmas holidays have been a fun time for me as the children have been home. I always love it when they request their favourite meals. So my younger son wanted to eat mutter paneer (peas and paneer) I had to look for a vegan substitute for my older son who is a vegan. He suggested that we use tofu instead of paneer for curry and together we developed this recipe.